Today's Cools and Not-So-Cools

  • Random Fridays off work
  • Cold pizza
  • Free (good) coffee
  • Naked ambition
  • Terrific novels
  • macbooks
  • Free speech
  • The Gaslight Anthem
  • Nicely lit rooms
  • Mid-morning naps
  • Kendra
  • Well-buttered toast
  • 2 long weekends in a row
  • Yorkshire tea
  • Kendra working
  • Heavy-handed American policing
  • The Entourage writing going bad
  • Delayed pay-days
  • Finishing said novel with no replacement
  • Racism
That will be all!


Love, Smithy x


Postman said...

What, would you say, is your definition of "well-buttered toast"?

What terrific novels are you reading?

And which bespectacled know-it-all six-year-old is showering you with racism?

Smithy said...

I would say it is toast that has been buttered (with lightly salted butter, mind) so heavily that if you were to turn it on its side the butter would run off the edges.

Just finished Bret Easton Ellis' The Rules of Attraction. Thoroughly enjoyable. I want to write something similar.

I haven't been a victim of the racism..I have just witnessed it from some of the ignorant expats out here.

Lindsay said...

Where is the mention of your lovely niece in 'Cools'?!!? The mention of well buttered toast has made me have some! yummy! xxx

Sexy Bill said...

What's the Entourage writing and why's it gone bad?

Smithy said...

The writing on Entourage, silly Billy. It's gone bad. Series 1-3 = genius. Series 4 = bit rubbish. It picks up a bit in the next 2 though.

Sexy Bill said...

Its up to season 6 now, and its good! To be fair I wouldn't care if nobody spoke and Sloane just danced around for 25 minutes. Maybe the occasional Ari Gold rant for good measure