Sundays, eh?

These are just a few of the convoluted thoughts that have passed through my head this past weekend -
  • Autumn is a fantastic season in a country where the words 'grey skies' and 'drizzle' mean not a jot.
  • Krispy Kreme is as dangerous as crack.
  • The deaths of Michael Jackson and Stephen Gately are not - I repeat, not - comparable.
  • The crescendo of strings at 5:56 in Noah and The Whale's First Days of Spring is as exciting a moment in music as any other.
  • Beef is good.
  • Missing friends and family members is not a sharp, impossible-to-ignore pain but more a dull, never-ending ache.
  • The England national team, like Manchester City, will find a way of fucking up every opportunity that is put in front of them.
  • Had Barack Obama been white he would not have won the Nobel Peace Prize but, if he had been white and had won the prize, nobody would have said a word about it.
  • I want a puppy.
  • I am becoming dangerously blase about suicide bombs and the deaths of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan - proof positive perhaps that apathy will be the friend of the tyrant.
  • The death penalty is, without a shadow of doubt in my mind, wrong.
  • The love of a good woman can make everything else seem rather meaningless.
  • Learning new languages is actually rather exciting.
  • I don't look good in purple.
  • You get what you pay for with W5,000 watches.
  • Hidden geeky-ness is very attractive.
  • I want a pair of 1980's original tortoiseshell RayBan Wayfarers, a gold Rolex and, in fact, the entire wardrobe (and not, I should add, the personality) of Patrick Bateman.
  • AstroTurf burns take a long time to heal.
  • Don't ask, don't tell could be the most offensive policy towards sexual orientation I have ever heard.
  • To be a critic, be it in food, movies, sport or music, it must inherently mean that you spend your life criticising something that you are, in fact, not good enough to do yourself.
  • The only bad thing about a good Sunday is the morning that follows.
Love, Smithy x


Postman said...

I tell you, autumn's severely underrated. Particularly in countries where it (ahem, no names please) rains all the time.

Ah, Krispy Kreme! Man, you lucky dastard, you. Do you go when the "hot light" is on? Do you have a particular flavor you like?

Talk to me. What happened to the English national team? Pardon me for being your typical dumb ethnocentric American bastard, but I haven't heard.

YES!!! There'd have been NO ruckus AT ALL if Obama had been white and won that thing. Bloody double-standards...

Well, except for perhaps child molesters. But then again, perhaps we could castrate them instead of giving them this wimpy lethal injection shit. I'm almost inclined to agree with you on that one, if they'd just make prison conditions harsher and more spartan for murderers and rapists.

You're quite right. Men have been discovering that very fact for ages, I suspect. All it takes is the love of a good woman. I'm glad you found it, buddy. I hope the dull ache of missing loved ones retires presently.

Well, what about "Don't bend over in the shower"?

Hilarious, dude. Keep up the good work.

The Pollinatrix said...

Hi. I'm here at the Postman's urging.

I'm with you in most of what you say in this post, especially about beef, Krispy Kreme, geeky-ness, languages, and Sundays.

As for the purple issue - I have never really liked true deep purple, (mainly because of a scratchy gym suit trauma in 7th grade), but it has followed me through life. The schools I went to as an undergrad and a grad student both had true deep purple as one of their colors (in addition to my middle school, obviously). Lately, though, I've been somewhat horrified to realize that I do look good in it, and maybe even want to wear it a little.

I do not, under any circumstances, ever, ever, ever, want a puppy again. (Please don't say, The lady doth protest too much, methinks.)

The university I went to in Las Vegas, New Mexico actually REPLACED all the grass with Astro-Turf. It's horrid.

Smithy said...

Wow, Pollinatrix...you are the first person to stop by here that I don't actually know! So, thank you! And it's quite clear to me that the lady doth protest too much, everybody would secretly want a puppy.
Oh Pat, the hot light. I knew not what this meant until my good lady explained it to me. It would appear that this is only a North American thing, however, as Korean hot lights are perpetually on (you should see the size of the doughnut-making machine at the Krispy Kreme in Myeong-dong, I'm going to get a picture for you). Oh, I'll take a dozen original glazed, please.
England had the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup with a perfect record and lost away at Ukraine.
And I don't think we'll ever agree on punishment law...I still remember your 'castrate rapists' comment!

Postman said...

Hot lights perpetually on? That means, then, that either they didn't get that memo, or they are PERPETUALLY MAKING HOT DOUGHNUTS, which would make Korea the frickin' EL DORADO of doughnut-producing countries. Yes, I'd like to see that picture.

Oh jeez. Bloody Ukrainians. Well, except one. I won't hear a word against Maria Sharapova. Maybe I'll move to Florida instead of Rhode Island.

Heh heh...yeah, I think we think punishment serves two different purposes...

Ronan Keating said...

You are correct, the deaths of Jacko and Gately are not comparable. Jackson never came close to the musical genius of Boyzone, it takes real talent to sing those odd little eh-ai-oh bits in that Boyzone song of which the name escapes me.