2 Floors Downwards 1 Floor Back

You know what I hate?

You know when you live on the 10th floor? And you're waiting for a lift with a bunch of people, and then the lift arrives and only you get in? Then you hit the 10th floor button, and just as the doors close you realise that the lift is going down? And then you go down to Basement 3? Then back up to Basement 2 and then Basement 1? And then finally back up to the 1st floor where the doors open and you are on full view to all the people who you were waiting with, who then join you in the lift and look at each other like, "Hark at this fucking moron who can't tell if an arrow is pointing up or down and so took a little trip down 3 floors just to end up exactly back where he started?"

Yeah, I hate that.

Love, Smithy x

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Postman said...

Now I feel sorry for all those fucking morons I harked at on the ground floor.