Ground-uh-hog-uh Day-uh

It's that time again. Remember what I said last time? I really should have been prepared, I suppose.

To be honest, things have been going so smoothly lately that I wasn't prepared for the downturn I'm experiencing. And also, this is nothing like as badly as I've suffered during my last 2 contracts. But man, it doesn't half get cold around these parts. Our 10th floor officetel is about as well insulated as a rabbit hutch, and I've taken to wrapping myself in blankets in my loft-bed the second I arrive back from work.

Ah yes, work.

Hagwon teaching is a strange profession, and one that is difficult to understand without experiencing it for one's self. Granted, the hagwon I currently work for is far more organised than the last one, and I do not see myself as quite the performing monkey I once was, but it still wears you down if you're not in the right mindset at the start of the day. I'm keeping very active at the moment - Taekwondo 3 times a week and gym visits on the off-days - but this week I've got a shitty cold and this morning I didn't make it to the gym. I suffered for that today. I think I need to make sure I'm up and at 'em as early as possible to be able to cope with a windowless box filled with lunatic children intent on coughing their guts up and practicing their swear words. Today hasn't been the greatest day, and the last two weeks or so have contained a fair few similar ones. Looking around at my co-workers, I can sense a similar type of fatigue. We need a break.

Luckily, we have one coming up, and plans for Christmas are well underway. A trip to the Yongpyong ski resort looks likely followed by Christmas day in a house (a house!) with an oven (an actual oven!). I also have my first Taekwondo belt test coming up (shitting myself) and we intend to start the Christmas period by involving ourselves in some charity work for those living north of the border. As well as this, we are preparing my application for Permanent Residence in Canada, which will allow me to avoid international fees when applying for University in 2013. It is a long and drawn-out process, involving hours of paperwork (yippee) and, amongst over things, sworn affidavits from friends and family that myself and my Canadian girlfriend are, in fact, a couple. I may include links to this blog to prove I've been making up ridiculous names for her for well over the required one year. I can already see that it will not go smoothly. I tend to not make things easy for myself.

Anyway, it's good to be busy, and we are certainly that. A new semester begins next week bringing new children and new materials, and I'm looking forward to this particular 3-month bitch being over so that I can get on with enjoying life and having fun, as I have for the first quarter of this contract.

Love, Smithy x


Anonymous said...

Hope your well mate and have a good Christmas. Edgey

Postman said...

Cripes, he's back! And looking better than ever, despite his runny nose and brown pants. Good luck on the belt test, mate. You'll have to tell me where I can get involved in that charity work you mentioned when I get over there. Merry Christmas. I'm going to go hug my oven now.