What Is Love?

 I've been neglecting this blog somewhat because, shock shock, horror horror, I'm actually busy. I'm staying up till stupid o'clock every night watching as much of the World Cup as possible (in short, most of the games have been pretty boring, England will be fine, the vuvuzela can fuck off), and I've been planning stuff! Me! Can you believe it?!

As I hinted in my last post, I have been accepted onto the Journalism course of my dreams at Cardiff University and I have deferred entry until September 2011. The application process was a little stressful and I had a fair few pieces of writing to get done for that, but it was exciting, and I was delighted to get in. I'm going to use my year until then saving money and trying to get some writing experience. Although I'll probably end up on the bins.

As well as this, I've been assigned an after-school programme with Mr Kriska which I'll be doing for a month. I've had to do a bit of planning for that and it is officially the least organised thing I have ever been involved in. Including my dissertation. I'm officially sick and tired of working in the Korean public school system and I want out. Which is handy. 'Cos I only have 4 weeks left at my school.

The other thing I've been planning for is...CHINA! Bloody China! I'm going at the end of July with my homosexual Jew-friend Adam, who I have already decided will be bullied relentlessly by me the entire trip. He's flying from England to meet me in Beijing and we're parting 10 days or so later in Shanghai. What we will do in between is something of a mystery - all we can agree on is that ducks must be slaughtered, crispified and eaten - but I'm extremely excited about it. When I was little China was such a mysterious place to me, I never ever thought I would visit it. I'm thrilled that I will be.

So that's it, I'm sorry it's been brief. I have a few blogs building up about the World Cup and I'm going to write the definitive guide to being an "English Teacher" (note the inverted commas) in Korea but for now, I'm a little busy. I will get them done though.

One last thing before I go. For those of you that care - Eminem has made a good album. I's been about 8 years since his last one, but a good album it is. Very good in fact. And he's managed to squeeze in a sample of Haddaway's What is Love? which is an impressive feat by anybody's standards. Eminem has said everything on Recovery that I wish he'd said on the, quite dreadful, Relapse and it is probably the best rap album of 2010 so far. It's actually a rap album too, not some poppy shit. Eminem raps over Just Blaze! Man...

Go get it when it comes out. Or be a cheapskate like me and get it now.

Love, Smithy x

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Anonymous said...

Words can't describe properly how repulsive of an album "Relapse" was. I almost threw it out my car window numerous times. It sold more than a million albums, but i'd speculate a lot of them were bought based on name alone.

I recently "acquired" Recovery, and it's a lot more tolerable; I'd even say good.