The Canadian Invasion

It's officially the weekend. Well, not officially. It's 7 minutes past 4. But I stopped working quite some time ago. The whole office did. From where I am sat I can see nothing but facebook. There is a new girl in my office. She's 20. She isn't on facebook. She's my new hero. I wish I wasn't on facebook. I should delete it I suppose.

But then what would I do at work?

I'm joking, of course.

There is going to be another Canadiana in my apartment this weekend. A female of the species. There'll be maple syrup everywhere.

Anyway, this is just a short post to wish all you lovely people a fantastic weekend. I shall be mostly spending mine drowning in Kronenbourg.

Have a wonderful weekend, you beautiful bastards.

Love, Smithy x


Anonymous said...

going for the french beer...where's the dignity

united spurs tomorrow...3-1 us

love, kellen

Quandru said...

You damned liar! I didn't open Facebook once yesterday! Hope you enjoyed your Lebanese last night!

Postman said...

I did NOT need to have the mental image of you and two Canadian girls slathered in maple syrup forcibly rammed into my head. Not now, not ever. Thanks a bunch, Smithy. NOW what am I going to do with my imagination this weekend?

Don't answer that.