Where's My Hoverboard?

So, it's 2010. Twenty-ten? Two thousand and ten? Two-oh-one-oh? Ee chon ship? Who cares. It sounds bloody futuristic anyway. My life is passing me by.

So, anyway. Blah blah blah New Year's Resolutions blah. I have only two -
  • Quit smoking. (I sort of already did this but it has crept back into my drinking ritual and I enjoyed the moral high ground it afforded me when I wasn't smoking so I'm going to stop again. 
  • Write more.
Now, the second one is the important one because I enjoy writing. The problem is, I also enjoy Guitar Hero and I find that one is not conducive to the other. But need they be mutually exclusive? I can still write me a little suttin-suttin before throwing some shapes with my plastic Gibson, can't I?

Anyway, to this end, I have started a new blog. I know, I know, it's exciting. Try and keep your knickers on, girls. It's called Seoul Now and I will tell you no more about it as it is very much in it's infancy. Smithyblogs will still carry on but as there is no structure to this blog and no clear format to it, I thought I needed something different. With less swearing.

So, Seoul Now will be a weekly blog, posted on a Sunday and inspired by a magazine column I have been reading a lot of recently. Each week will have a key subject matter and I won't be swearing. That sort of fucking nonsense will be left to Smithyblogs where I will continue to spout off on all manner of subjects whilst making fun of the disabled.

A Happy New Year to you all,

Love, Smithy x


Postman said...

It's "twenty-ten." You don't want to go through the rest of this century saying "two-thousand and whatever," do you? Of course you don't.

Your resolutions and mine are similar. I need to write more. I could probably stand to smoke less, too. I'm broke and cigars cost a mint.

Writing and Guitar Hero needn't be mutually exclusive, however. Just takes a little creative time management is all. I usually manage to squeeze my writing in before my 11:00 anime fix.

Looking forward to finding out all about Seoul Now, mate! Great post, keep 'em coming. And Happy New Year!

davecunning said...

Postman, I'm actually with you on the twenty-ten thing. 2 thousand and... sounds ridiculous; in fact, I've thought so for the last 10 years. We used to say nineteen-eighty, nineteen-ninety, and so on; and the logical progression would have been to twenty-whatever. We got so gassed up on it being the year 2000 that we threw our logic of continuance out the window. It's time for us to get back on track! Twenty-ten it is!

Long live the blogs of non-sense!