Woah, there!

Shocked I was, today, as I loaded up my statcounter account to find I was actually receiving traffic. And only 20% of it was me re-loading the post to change the pluralisation of 'penis'. I thought I knew each and every one of my readers from my e-mail subscriptions list but that would appear to not be the case. This pleasantly shocking information led to my re-reading the previous post. And to feeling a few stabs of regret.

Now, for someone to attempt to preach peace and fucking love as I do, to then go and attack other peoples lifestyle choices is, I suppose, largely hypocritical. It's possible that I also became slightly too sensitive during one point and allowed a personal grievance to come to the fore and deflect from my original point. Life is about personal preference and as long as nobody else is getting harmed, I believe that people should be allowed to live their lives exactly as they wish to. It's none of my business. I apologise.

However, I stand by my original point that the male population of foreigners in this country are just a little bit strange. Not kooky strange. Not like, "Ooh those trousers are a bit strange". More like, "Ooh, you're making your choice of sexual partner based purely on their skin colour and the fact that you don't have to charm them because you don't speak the same language" kind of strange. I didn't like hearing my friend say that she was "scared" of Western men. I also couldn't realistically defend them to her knowing what I know.

Anyway, thats all. I apologise if I offended anyone. If you're still offended after this post then inherent in your taking offense is the fact that you have come to Korea because you can't get any back home in which case I frankly don't care if you're offended.

Oh, and I was swearing too much. Both mine and my girlfriends mothers read this. Sorry ladies.

Peace and effing love,

Smithy x


Bill said...

Controversy is a useful tool it gaining the attention of the masses. Stick to being offensive. If people want to read about love and peace they can stick to Noddy books.

Postman said...

Offensiveness (as in the occasional f-bomb here and there) is one thing. Ad hominem is another. People don't get irritated at bad language or swearing or controversial statements half so much as they do over perceived attacks. That's the only thing I watch out for when I'm writing: personal attacks on people (who don't deserve it).

I don't think YOU have anything to apologize for though, mate(excuse me, "apologise"...I may have to reload the page for that one). You spoke the truth as you saw it. Nobody's going to blame you for that. Least of all the free-and-easy inhabitants of the blogsphere. Keep that excoriating wit and demarcating pen of yours working. You're doing the world a world of good by being honest.

The Pollinatrix said...

I didn't find that post offensive at all, personally.

Jerry said...

I read this post and the post you were referencing -- and I don't think you have anything to apologize for at all.