Ooh, Mark Billy's Got a 12-foot Willy!

So, the first person to prove his worth at the helicopter game was my man, Beezy.

His prize?

To have his glorious face plastered front-centre on this Sunday's blog! How does it feel, Billy? Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Killer Bee has been rewarded for his chopper skills. His gigantic man-meat was the subject of a high-school chant which, I've been told, went something like this -
Ooh, Mark Billy's got a 12-foot willy, can I see? Hee-hee!
I'm not a pervert so I didn't join B-Diddy at Catholic School and can't confirm first hand that these lyrics are verbatim. However, my reliable source (Silly Billy, himself) informs me that this is the case.

Anyway, I'm back from Gumi (shithole, wedding was nice, no doves) and the sun is out on a beautiful summer evening in Seoul. So, I'm going to go buy a ₩5000 pizza and a few cans of Hite, open up the windows, and settle down to watch the Scousers beat the Chelsea rent-boys.

Love, Smithy x

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Postman said...

Whew. No doves. Good to have you back, Smithy.