For only the second time since I arrived here in September, this weekend I will be leaving Seoul for another Korean city. Now, despite my fears that I may not encounter any white people for 2 days and I may have only the briefest glimpses of the Golden Arches, I am excited about the prospect. I'm ready for a break.

I'm going to Gumi. Heard of it? No, of course you haven't. I haven't heard of it and I've lived in Korea for over 18 months. From what I can Google, it's a small, industrial city about an hour's drive from Daegu. Which, in itself, is quite annoying as Daegu is one of the few places in Korea I'd like to visit and haven't. And I won't have time to get there.

But why, Smithy, you handsome bastard, would you travel to within an hour of a city you wish to visit in order to visit a city which you have never heard of?

Well, we are attending a wedding.

The gloriously cheesy, outrageously contrived union of The Canadian's friend, Annie, and her beau will take place on Sunday afternoon and, since Queen Kendrino of Canuckistan has been invited, I'm being dragged along kicking and screaming going too.

I haven't been to a Korean wedding before so I suppose it will be an experience. From what I've heard it will be in a large, characterless room with hundreds of people there (the larger the guest list the more impressive your character, apparently, so Koreans find themselves sending invites to people who once tiled their bathroom) and the most incredible tat can be found at these occasions. My mate PJ once went to a K-wedding and found himself singing a duet with the Bride's best friend. As part of the ceremony. I've seen footage. It wasn't pretty. I've heard tales of moving walkways and fake, flying doves as well. I hope I see fake doves.

Anyway, that's how I'll be spending my weekend. Mr and Mrs J-Mao will be looking after the mutt (who, after a 10 minute separation, had his big stupid collar replaced after using the time to lick his poor little nut-sack red raw) and we'll be enjoying a welcome break from yellow sand and desk-warming.

Before I go, have a bash on this game. It's totally addictive. I just managed 1101. If you can beat me - and prove it - you get a special, smithyblogs style, prize.

Chopper - Flash Game

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And, come on the Scousers! If you beat Chelsea this week, all will be forgiven. Well, not all but, you know.

Love, Smithy x


Bill said...

I got 1254. Check your facebook for proof. Prize me up, bitch!

Postman said...

I love "The Great Escape."

And no, I hadn't heard of Gumi.

And no, I never wanted to visit Daegu for a second. Well, except for perhaps the Sam's Club they had there. Needed some mustard.

And yes, I've been to a Korean wedding. Charles and Anne, in Masan. The moving-walkway tales are true. Groom didn't stand at the head of the aisle, and bride didn't walk up to meet him; they were transported to the foot of the aisle by a large sort of pagoda on a track that transported them around the edge of the room as they bowed and music played. Then it stopped and the wedding attendants (sort of like flight attendants, and largely dressed the same way) opened the gate of the pagoda, like a carnival ride, and let them out. And there's me running around like a maniac, trying to film all of this with a hand-held camcorder.

Glad they skipped the doves, though.