In Defense of John Terry

It has come to my attention recently that Mr John Terry has been receiving some bad press. There are some people out there that think that shagging the mother of your team-mate's son is a bad thing for a captain to do. On top of that shocking consideration, some people believe that Fabio Capello was justified in stripping him of the England captaincy for this behaviour. I say, NO! I say that on this indiscretion alone, a captain cannot be judged!

I mean, it's not like he's ever been banned from the England team while on an assault charge. Or that he's ever been fined by his club for taking the piss out of Americans on September 12th 2001. Or that he's ever been caught on camera spitting on an opposing player in a Champions League final. Or that he's ever been caught giving illegal tours of Chelsea's training ground and pocketing 10 grand in payment. Or that he is the biggest culprit in the Premiership for harassing referees. Or that he once attempted to pull a red card out of the ref's hand as he was showing it. Or that he's got the world's most annoying face/voice/attitude to life.

Don't take the captaincy from him for shagging his team-mate's ex!

Take it because he's a c**t.

Love, Smithy x


Killer B said...

Not that I'm defending Terry, he is of course the worst kind of person, but taking the captaincy off him because you should be 'squeaky clean' to be England captain and then giving it to Rio 'Can I Have Some Drugs Please' Fredinand is a tad hypocritical. Give it Rooney, he is the only player who seems up for the job at the minute (and he hasn't shagged an aged prostitute for years now, thats clean enough for me!)

Postman said...

Terry doesn't sound like a real savory fellow. But, technically, you know, shagging a teammate's girlfriend isn't against the law.

Assault, spitting on people, giving illegal tours for fabulous profits and harassing referees ARE against the law. But shagging your friend's ex isn't.

Somebody should really sit down and review the Man Rules with that guy, though.