Obama Drama, Veetle and My Favourite Korean

So, Obamacare was passed. Give a shit, right? I don't know, some of the Americans on my facebook have been going up in arms about it. A friend of a friend was posting comments about the Democrats having the Consitution being re-printed on toilet paper as that is clearly the amount of respect they have for it yada yada yada. I don't even know how this bill is unconstitutional. Can somebody explain that to me? It is clearly an attempt by the President of the United States to make life better for the residents of his country. Isn't that his job? I'm glad that it went through. But what the hell will Fox News talk about now? I'm sure they'll think of something.

My cable-lady offered me an alternative cable package in order to provide me with SBS Sports, the only channel that carries the live Premier League games in Korea. And what was the alternative package? A ₩100,000 dish installed onto the apartment and my signature on a 3-year subscription to QOOK TV.

"Is that ok, Mr Andrew?"
"You can QOOK off darling, if you'll pardon my French".

Anyway, my good friend Wareing was telling me the other day about Veetle, a website he uses to stream snuff movies and hidden cameras.

"Can this be used to watch football as well, Wareing?" I asked.
"I don't know mate, worth a try," he said.

I recently purchased an S-video cable to link my laptop to the TV which, after a little twiddling, was working fine, so I could see the potential for something great, providing I could find the stream.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. It's United v Liverpool in the Premier League. A shitty cold has left me unable to go to the bar to watch the game. Time to give Veetle a try.

Within 5 minutes I was lay on my sofa, bottle of beer in hand watching a glorious Sky Sports montage of past United v Liverpool games. It was wonderful. I watched the build-up with that cockney wide-boy Jamie Redknapp, then sat back and let Andy Gray's biased commentary wash all over me. It was like being at home. The stream stayed clear throughout the whole game, the colour was near-perfect, the audio superb. I was in heaven. The fact that I am now paying ₩50,000 a month, for cable that I only purchased in order to watch a channel that I can't receive, no longer mattered.

It was a rubbish game, though. A blistering first 15 minutes saw Britney Spears head Liverpool into the lead and Javier Mascherano escape a blatant red card whilst giving away a penalty that Wayne Rooney converted at the second attempt. The rest of the game was a scrappy affair. Liverpool created nothing, nor did they try to, and the purported threat of Steven Gerrard and Britney Spears was nullified by the unsung heroes of Darren Fletcher and Ji Sung Park. Then, around the hour mark, these two combined to put United in the lead. It was a great goal and deserved from Park who had arguably been United's best player. Alex Ferguson once said that if Park could score goals he would be one of the best players in the world and he's right. He's a legend. He never stops running, he can tackle and pass with the best of them and is continually making dangerous runs into the box. He just can't shoot. Yesterday though, he stepped up in a big game as he always does and threw himself at the ball to score the winner, getting kicked in the face by Snoop Dogg's gay cousin in the process.


I crept into the bedroom, careful not to wake Miss Canadia but doing so anyway, and lay awake for a good half hour still buzzing from the performance. I've got some bad nights' sleep to get through in the coming months, starting with a couple of 3:45 am get-ups for the Champions League quarter-finals next week. I'll cope though. I can't wait, in fact. Because I can already feel history being made.

4 Premier League titles in a row. 3 Champions League finals in a row.

And more League titles than the Scousers.

I can feel it.

Love, Smithy x


Postman said...

I tell you, I never used to get all that excited about soccer (as you probably knew already). Unless I was playing, of course. But your...enthusiasm? Zealousness? Obsession? Ravening tribal worship? It's infectious.

Britney Spears is the nickname for which Scouser...?

Here's hoping Park will learn to shoot.

"The fact that I am now paying 50,000 a month, for cable that I only purchased in order to watch a channel that I can't receive, no longer mattered."

[Giggle, snort]

I like this blog.

davecunning said...

it's absolutely boggling that so many Americans have opposed health care for so long. Here's to some logic finally being injected in the U-S of A, and to their people being able to afford to keep themselves alive from now on.

Forte said...

My new place hasn't got SKY. Just remembered this blog about Veetle and am now watching United vs Bolton. Not fucking bad at all. Wish I'd found it years ago. Is it any good for grot?