Dementia is No Laughing Matter

I'm starting to feel like I don't know who/what/where I am. I got about 4 hours sleep last night and United lost. As Mr Kriska pointed out to me, maybe I shouldn't bother getting up since I seem to curse the result anyway. Doesn't matter now, there'll be no more 4am kick-offs since we're out of the Champions League.


Anyway, mustn't dwell. To cheer us all up, I have a couple more entries for the What the Fuck? award for most pointless ESL video. Want to see 'em?

Now, I was raised well, so that I know that it isn't nice to make fun of the mentally ill. Which is why I am so offended by this fat boy's impression of a handicapped. Who can't cut bread? Especially with a dagger! And why's he saying good morning to someone that has been stood behind him for 5 minutes? Although, I suppose, if it is a handicapped he's impersonating, they might not notice people stood less than a metre away. Oh, and what's that you say? You don't think it's fair I called him a fat boy? Well, check this out.

How old are you?! You great big cake-eating bastard! Look at how hard that boy's trying to stay balanced on that little scale as well. Poor lad's determined to push this impression through to the very end, isn't he? And that teacher's smokin'.

Before you go, why not check out a couple of blogs my friends are running? Seoul Sounds is a very cool blog ran by my mate Steve who is sampling different sounds from all over the city. Land of the Wired Anymores is run by a former navy seal and blood diamond exporter from North Carolina. He settled in Seoul after a run-in with the Nation of Islam and can now be found hanging around Taekwondo clubs, in blatant violation of a US-based order preventing him from being within 50m of them. Anyway, homie can doodle and his latest observation on his run-ins with the Kougars is quite amusing.

I'm going to take a nap before me and Mr Kriska go and drown the sorrows of our rice and soup lunch with half a fried pig and a few bottles of The Soje.

Love, Smithy x


smorphie said...

thanks for the plug

J-Mao said...

That was some dark shit. As smorphie said, "Thanks for the plug."

Jane Jones said...

I know it's in bad taste to make fun of people, but MAN ALIVE these little clips/your commentary are funny.
I'm sorry for you that United lost.
Better luck next season.

Postman said...

Man, where do they dig up these videos, anyway? Jane's right, they are rather good.

They support the impression that one has to act cheesy in order to have one's language understood. Which would explain a lot, actually. Like my teaching style.

Read the post about the game and almost -- almost, mind you -- managed to feel sympathetically gutted when United lost.


Well, okay, maybe a little.

Don't tell the Geordies.