Cranium, Cones and the tears of a C**t

My head hurts today. I blame Jim Beam. And soju. And shitty Korean beer. Last night we went to our favourite Korean BBQ restaurant with friends and grilled up a whole load of beef. Then we were still hungry so we grilled up a whole load of pork. It took me a while to come round to the idea of samgyupsal but now I'm fully converted. And this place does fantastic kimchi which, if placed at the end of the samgyupsal grill, collects all the pork fat and starts to fry in that juice, making it crispy and porky and delicious. Me and J-Mao have quite a taste for the soju so we threw at least 2 bottles of that down. To be honest my memory is a little hazy.

After the meal we came back to the flat (picking up a bottle of bourbon en route) to play Cranium. You know it? It's basically an amalgamation of a million different parlour games which, when combined with booze and cool people, is a lot of fun. Luckily, we had both of those things last night. In a room full of North Americans, I was flying solo as the lone Brit and I'd like to say that my extra level of culture gave me the edge in a closely-fought but thoroughly deserved victory. I'd like to say that. In reality though, I don't even think we finished the game.

What I do remember though, is having the United-City game on in the background as I was using a fully-grown Canadian male as a puppet to demonstrate the concept of robotics to Ken-deezy. You may have noticed a slightly defeatist tone to my previous blog regarding United's chances for the rest of the season. I couldn't see us getting a victory away at City considering our form and I certainly couldn't see Chelsea dropping the 4 points required for us to draw level with them at the top.

Well, even I can be wrong sometimes.

A dour, scrappy game at City ended with Paul Scholes - the planet's greatest living Ginger - nodding in the only goal of the game 3 minutes into injury time. Celebrations were muted because, as necessary as it is to keep reminding City of their secondary status, the result would mean nothing if Spurs couldn't do the goods for us against Chelsea.

But did they ever.

Spurs won 2-1 after a fantastic performance, and the gravy was provided by the sending-off of John 'The C**t' Terry. There is no more beautiful sight in the world than the unhappy face of a disgusting person. In fact, let's savour it for a moment.

Lovely stuff. That picture isn't even from yesterday's game but still, it's great to look at. I might get it framed.

So, the title race is wide open again. Chelsea are 1 point ahead and still have to play the scousers while we're away at Spurs next week to try and do what Chelsea couldn't. I'd obviously rather be in Chelsea's shoes - it is their title to lose - but this will go all the way to the last day of the season, I'm sure.

Finally, before I go, I'm sure you noticed that mutt in the above picture. No no, that's John Terry. The other picture. Well that's Mylo (I wanted to call him Plastic Cone but the Canadian was having none of it) a dog we've fostered from the local animal hospital . He looks like a fox with a weird curly tail and has to wear that ridiculous cone on his head as the poor lad has just had his nuts chopped off, but we've sort of fallen in love with him. Strict immigration laws in the UK (for dogs I mean, the door is wide open if you happen to be an eastern European rapist) mean that he'd have to undertake a 6 month quarantine on arrival so taking him with us isn't really an option. We'll be doing everything we can to find him a permanent home before we leave Seoul. It feels good to be doing even a little something to help the many poorly-treated and homeless dogs in Korea. I've posted a link on my sidebar to ARK, a fantastic charity that does so much to help a terrible situation.

If you're in Korea and have been considering a pet, give me a shout. He's a great dog.


Love, Smithy x

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